You install the update on the vRealize Appliance after you upgrade and reboot the Identity Appliance. Apply the update to each instance of vRealize Appliance in your installation.

About this task


If your deployment uses a load balancer, disable all but one vRealize Appliance for load balancer traffic. The first appliance you plan to upgrade must be connected to the load balancer. All other instances of vRealize Appliance must be disabled for load balancer traffic when you upgrade them.

If you are using a vRealize Appliance as a dedicated appliance database server, update it before you update a vRealize Appliance used as an application server.

Wait for the reboot to complete on one appliance before starting the upgrade on another.


  • Select a download method and download the update. See Downloading Virtual Appliance Updates.

  • For high-availability deployments, Desligar os serviços da implantação atual.

  • Verify that the identity server is running.

  • Before you apply the appliance upgrade for deployments that use load balancers, disable traffic for all nodes except the first node you that you plan to upgrade in order to prevent cache errors.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Appliance management console and click the Update tab.
    1. Vá para o console de gerenciamento do seu appliance virtual usando o nome de domínio totalmente qualificado,
    2. Log in with the user name root and the password you specified when the appliance was deployed.
    3. Click the Update tab.
  2. Clique em Status.
  3. Clique em Verificar atualizações para verificar se uma atualização pode ser acessada.
  4. (Optional) : Para instâncias do vRealize Appliance, clique em Detalhes na área Versão do appliance para ver informações sobre o local das notas de versão.
  5. Read the note about participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program.

    When you upgrade, you are joined to the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program. For information about the program, click the Telemetry tab in the product management console.

    For more information about setting parameters for data collection and joining or leaving the Customer Experience Improvement Program, see Administração do sistema.

  6. Click Install Updates.
  7. Clique em OK.

    An informational message stating that the update is in progress appears. The time it takes for the update to finish depends on your site environment.

  8. Reboot the virtual appliance.
    1. Click the System tab.
    2. Click Reboot and confirm your selection.
  9. Clear the cache of the Web browser that you use to access the management console.
  10. Verify that services are running.
    1. Log in to the vRealize Appliance management console.
    2. Click the Services tab on the console.
    3. Click the Refresh tab to monitor the progress of service startup.

      You should see a minimum of twenty-one services.

  11. If your deployment uses a load balancer, repeat these steps for each vRealize Appliance.

    Leave the second and subsequent vRealize Appliance disabled for load balance traffic when you apply the update.

  12. Reconnect all virtual appliances to the load balancer.

What to do next

Upgrade the IaaS database and servers. See Atualizando o servidor IaaS.