Configure the AirWatch settings in the VMware Identity Manager admin console to integrate AirWatch with VMware Identity Manager.

About this task

You can link domains configured in VMware Identity Manager to specific organization groups in AirWatch to facilitate device registration in AirWatch. See Mapping VMware Identity Manager Domains to Multiple Organization Groups.


  • AirWatch server URL that the admin uses to log in to the AirWatch admin console.

  • AirWatch admin API key that is used to make API requests from VMware Identity Manager to the AirWatch server to set up integration.

  • AirWatch certificate file used to make API calls and the certificate password. The certificate file must be in the .p12 file format.

  • AirWatch enrolled user API key.

  • AirWatch group ID for your tenant, which is the tenant identifier in AirWatch.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager administration console, Identity & Access Management tab, click Setup > AirWatch.
  2. Enter the AirWatch integration settings in the following fields.



    AirWatch API URL

    Enter the AirWatch URL. For example,

    AirWatch API Certificate

    Upload the certificate file used to make API calls.

    Certificate Password

    Enter the certificate password.

    AirWatch Admin API Key

    Enter the admin API key value. Example of an API key value FPseqCSataGcnJf8/Rvahzn/4jwkZENGkZzyc+jveeYs=

    AirWatch Enrolled User API Key

    Enter the enrolled user API key value.

    AirWatch Group ID.

    Enter the AirWatch group ID for the organization group that the API key and admin account were created in.

  3. To map domains to multiple organization groups, select the Map Domains to Multiple Organization Groups check box.
    1. Select the domain to map from the drop-down menu and . Click + to map additional organization groups to the domain.
    2. enter the organization group name and the admin API key for that group in the text boxes that display
    3. Click + to map additional organization groups to the domain.
    4. To map another domain, click + next to the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.

What to do next

  • 启用功能选项“统一目录”,将 AirWatch 目录中设置的应用程序合并到统一目录。

  • 启用“合规性检查”以验证 AirWatch 管理的设备是否符合 AirWatch 合规策略。