vSphere Auto Deploy 主机进行引导并显示 iPXE 信息,但在五分钟后重新引导。


要使用 vSphere Auto Deploy 置备的主机从 iPXE 进行引导并在控制台上显示 iPXE 信息。但是,此主机五分钟后会在控制台上显示以下消息,并进行重新引导。
This host is attempting to network-boot using VMware
AutoDeploy. However, there is no ESXi image associated with this host.
Details: No rules containing an Image Profile match this
host. You can create a rule with the New-DeployRule PowerCLI cmdlet
and add it to the rule set with Add-DeployRule or Set-DeployRuleSet. 
The rule should have a pattern that matches one or more of the attributes 
listed below.


Details: This host has been added to VC, but no Image Profile
is associated with it. You can use Apply-ESXImageProfile in the
PowerCLI to associate an Image Profile with this host.
Alternatively, you can reevaluate the rules for this host with the
Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance and Repair-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlets.

控制台随后显示主机的计算机属性,其中包括供应商、序列号、IP 地址等。




通过运行 Apply-EsxImageProfile cmdlet 或通过创建以下规则,可以将映像配置文件分配给主机:
  1. 运行 New-DeployRule cmdlet 创建一个包含将主机与映像配置文件匹配的模式的规则。
  2. 运行 Add-DeployRule cmdlet 将规则添加到规则集。
  3. 运行 Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlet,并将此 cmdlet 的输出用作 Repair-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlet 的输入。