Download and Extract Installation Resources

API portal in TAS only requires the JAR available in the distribution package.

To download the components:

  1. Visit the Broadcom Support portal and log in.

  2. Navigate to the API portal for VMware Tanzu product listing.

  3. In the Releases list, select the version that you wish to install.

  4. Download "API portal for VMware Tanzu Installer".

  5. Extract the contents of the archive file:

    tar zxf api-portal-for-vmware-tanzu-[VERSION].tgz

    Check the jar is available inside the jars folder.

    ls api-portal-for-vmware-tanzu-[VERSION]
    helm/      images/      jars/      scripts/

Complete the Installation

You are now ready to install API portal for TAS.

Change into the jars directory. You will need to create a manifest.yaml file. The one below can be used for a basic setup where sso is not in use. You can replace the value in the name field if desired.

  - name: api-portal
      - java_buildpack_offline
      JAVA_OPTS: '-Dsso.enabled=false'
      JBP_CONFIG_OPEN_JDK_JRE: '{ "jre": { version: 17.+ } }'

You can now deploy api portal to your TAS environment

cf push -p api-portal-server-[VERSION].jar

This will start application with the default configuration which does not display Open API description. See Modifying OpenAPI Source URL Locations to add urls.

Uninstallation Steps

To uninstall API portal for VMware Tanzu, run

cf delete APP_NAME
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