Read this topic if you use Pivotal Application Service for Windows (PAWS).

This topic describes how to update your runtime config to add the new Windows stemcell version.

Breaking Change: If you upgrade to PASW v2.3, you must update your runtime config to include the new Windows stemcell. Otherwise, the PASW VMs will not be protected by ClamAV.

Windows Stemcell Renamed

The new Windows stemcell name indicates the stemcell version instead of the Windows Server version.

PASW version Stemcell name Stemcell version
2.2 and earlier windows2016 1709
2.3 and later windows1803 1803

For general information about stemcells and PASW, see PAS for Windows v2.3 Release Notes.

Add the windows1803 Stemcell to the ClamAV Add-on

To add the windows1803 stemcell property to the runtime config, do the following.

  1. SSH into the Ops Manager VM. For instructions, see SSH into Ops Manager.

  2. To retrieve and save the ClamAV add-on runtime config, run the following command:

    bosh -e BOSH-ENVIRONMENT runtime-config –name clamav > /tmp/clamav.yml

    Where BOSH-ENVIRONMENT is the alias you set for the BOSH Director.

    For example:

    $ bosh2 -e my-env runtime-config –name clamav > /tmp/clamav.yml 

  3. Edit the clamav.yml file to add - os: windows1803 under stemcell in the clamav-windows section, as shown below:

    - name: clamav-windows
      - name: clamav-windows
        release: clamav
        - os: windows2019
        - os: windows2016
        - os: windows1803
  4. To update the runtime config, run the following command:

    bosh2 -e BOSH-ENVIRONMENT update-runtime-config --name=clamav /tmp/clamav.yml

    For example:

    bosh2 -e my-env update-runtime-config –name=clamav /tmp/clamav.yml

  5. Navigate to the Installation Dashboard in Ops Manager and do the following to complete the installation:

    1. If you are using Ops Manager v2.3 or later, click Review Pending Changes. For more information about this Ops Manager page, see Reviewing Pending Product Changes.

    2. Click Apply Changes.

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