Integration Errors

App Metrics is a nexus of four integration points:

  • CF API
  • UAA
  • Metric Store
  • Log Store

To monitor the status of these dependencies, check out the /integration-status endpoint. It is a quick way to see if the app is able to communicate with each dependency, true if accessible and false if not.

For example when all integrations are accessible the output would be:

{"Log Store":true,"CF API":true,"UAA":true,"Metric Store":true}

If there is an issue with one of the dependencies, first investigate what is wrong with that particular component.

Troubleshooting CF API

"CF API":false

See the Cloud Controller documentation.

Troubleshooting UAA


See the UAA documentation.

Troubleshooting Metric Store

"Metric Store":false

See Metric Store documentation.

Troubleshooting Log Store

"Log Store":false

Check out the log store VMs on the appMetrics deployment to investigate.

  1. Are the VMs running? If any of them aren’t running, start them and prioritize examining those.
    • bosh -d <appMetrics-deployment> vms --vitals
    • Take note of the memory and disk usage.
  2. Check Log Store CPU, Memory Usage, and Disk Usage on the App Metrics dashboard for App Metrics
  3. Are the processes running?
    • monit summary
  4. Are logs being stored?
    • ssh into the VM and check /var/vcap/sys/log to look at the logs for each process using du -h /var/vcap/sys/log
  5. Are logs failing to write to disk? Check the following metrics
    • queued_log_count – backup of attempts to write to disk
    • replayed_log_count – attempting to replay logs to catch up from a backup

Troubleshooting Postgres Database

Check out the db-and-errand-runner VM on the appMetrics deployment to investigate.

  1. Look at Postgres charts for on the App Metrics dashboard for App Metrics
    • Database CPU
    • Database Memory Usage
    • Database Disk Usage
  2. Is the VM running?
    • bosh -d <appMetrics-deployment> vms --vitals
  3. Is the database functioning as expected? Investigate by getting into the VM and using psql locally
    • bosh ssh in and find the appropriate psql to query locally, which will always be in /var/vcap/data/packages: /var/vcap/data/packages/postgres-11.7/.../bin/psql
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