The OpenRewriteRecipe transform allows to apply any Open Rewrite Recipe to a set of files and gather the results.

NOTE: At the time of writing, only Java related recipes are supported. The engine leverages version 7.0.0 of Open Rewrite and parses java files using the grammar for Java 11.

Syntax Reference

type: OpenRewriteRecipe
recipe: <string>                  # Full qualified classname of the recipe
  <string>: <SpEL expression>      # Keys and values depend on the class of the recipe
  <string>: <SpEL expression>      # Refer to the documentation of said recipe


Let's apply the ChangePackage Recipe to a set of java files in the com.acme package and move them to the value of #companyPkg. This is way more powerful than using RewritePath and ReplaceText, as it understands the syntax of files and will correctly deal with imports, fully vs non-fully qualified names, etc.

  - include: ["**/*.java"]
  - type: OpenRewriteRecipe
      oldFullyQualifiedPackageName: "'com.acme'"
      newFullyQualifiedPackageName: "#companyPkg"
      recursive: true
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