The goal of Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu is to help bootstrap the development of applications and their deployment in a discoverable and repeatable manner.

Enterprise Architects use Application Accelerator to provide developers and operators in their organization with ready-made, enterprise-conformant, code and configurations. They do this by authoring and publishing accelerators which are maintained in git repositories.

Developers use Application Accelerator to create new projects which follow enterprise standards. The User Interface makes it easy to discover accelerators, and to enter additional information used for processing the files before downloading.

Application Accelerator Architecture

How does Application Accelerator work?

Application Accelerator generates new projects from files in git repositories. An accelerator.yaml file in the repo is used to declare input options for the Accelerator. This file also contains instructions for processing the files when a new project is generated.

Accelerator custom resources (CRs) control which repos appear in the App Accelerator UI. CRs are maintained using k8s tools like kubectl. The Accelerator controller reconciles the CRs with a Flux2 Source Controller to fetch files from GitHub or GitLab.

The UI presents a searchable list of Accelerators for developers to choose from. Once an accelerator has been selected, the UI presents input fields for any input options.

Values for the input options are sent to the Accelerator Engine for processing. The Engine processes files from the repo using the input values, and returns a ZIP file.

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