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Release Date: August 25, 2021

New Features

New features in this release:

  • New multi-text inputType for accelerator options.

  • New dependsOn accelerator option property.

  • New interval spec to control git repo polling rate.
    This is specified in the Accelerator custom resource configuration file.

  • New extraArgs property for YTT transform.

  • Changes to the REST API exposed by the UI server:

    • GET /api/accelerators
    • GET /api/accelerators/options?name={accelerator-name}
    • POST /api/accelerators/zip?name={accelerator-name}

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Removed #projectDescription.
    Existing accelerators which depend on this (previously automatic) option should create an explicit text option, to prompt the user for the same information.

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes in this release:

  • apiVersion:
    Existing Accelerator custom resource configuration files need to be updated to reflect the new GVK.

NOTE: The release notes (below) for v0.1.0 also apply to the v0.2.0 release.


Release Date: July 20, 2021

Known Issues

Known issues in this release:

  • SSO: The App Accelerator User Interface is unauthenticated.
    Deployments should not be exposed to the public Internet.
    We are actively investigating how best to provide SSO (single-sign-on) integration.

  • I/O Timeout: If you notice an error like the one below, you may need to disable the Flux network policy when installing the Flux Source Controller. See the Installing page for more details.

    failed to extract metadata from archive
    Get “http://source-controller.flux-system.svc.cluster.local./gitrepository/default/new-accelerator-acc-bjp52/8e78c60837c69ea6350f9196b7eeaf5de7c14deb.tar.gz:
    dial tcp i/o timeout
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