Application Accelerator is a component of Tanzu Application Platform. For installation instructions see the Tanzu Application Platform documentation.

Using Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu

Access the Application Accelerator UI server

  1. List the resources deployed in the accelerator-system namespace:

    kubectl get -n accelerator-system service,deploy,pod

    The output will be similar to the following example:

    NAME                                                     TYPE         CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)    AGE
    service/acc-engine                                       ClusterIP   <none>          80/TCP     4h47m
    service/acc-ui-server                                    LoadBalancer   80/TCP     6h15m
    service/accelerator-controller-manager-metrics-service   ClusterIP      <none>          8443/TCP   9h
    NAME                                             READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
    deployment.apps/acc-engine                       1/1     1            1           4h47m
    deployment.apps/acc-ui-server                    1/1     1            1           6h15m
    deployment.apps/accelerator-controller-manager   1/1     1            1           9h
    NAME                                                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    pod/acc-engine-5bfd5954cc-5fglb                       1/1     Running   0          4h11m
    pod/acc-ui-server-659cd87f7c-9jfx5                    1/1     Running   0          3h54m
    pod/accelerator-controller-manager-5b57dcdcf7-2x9rr   1/1     Running   0          9h
  2. You can access the App Accelerator UI server using the listed EXTERNAL-IP address for the service acc-ui-server

  3. If your cluster doesn't support LoadBalancer and you installed using NodePort, then you can use port-forwarding with kubectl.

    To port-forward the UI server, run the following command in a separate terminal:

    kubectl -n accelerator-system port-forward svc/acc-ui-server 8877:80

    Access the server at http://localhost:8877/dashboard/.

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