Transforms reference

Available transforms

Here is a list of available transforms and a brief description of their uses. You can use:

  • Combo as a shortcut notation for many common operations. It combines the behaviors of many of the other transforms.
  • Include to select files to operate on.
  • Exclude to select files to operate on.
  • Merge to work on subsets of inputs and to gather the results at the end.
  • Chain to apply several transforms in sequence using function composition.
  • Let to introduce new scoped variables to the model.
  • ReplaceText to perform simple token replacement in text files.
  • RewritePath to move files around using regular expression (regex) rules.
  • OpenRewriteRecipe to apply Rewrite recipes, such as package rename.
  • YTT to run the ytt tool on its input files and gather the result.
  • UseEncoding to set the encoding to use when handling files as text.
  • UniquePath to decide what to do when several files end up on the same path.

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