OpenRewriteRecipe transform

The OpenRewriteRecipe transform allows you to apply any Open Rewrite Recipe to a set of files and gather the results.

Note: Currently, only Java related recipes are supported. The engine leverages version 7.0.0 of Open Rewrite and parses Java files using the grammar for Java 11.

Syntax reference

type: OpenRewriteRecipe
recipe: <string>                  # Full qualified classname of the recipe
  <string>: <SpEL expression>      # Keys and values depend on the class of the recipe
  <string>: <SpEL expression>      # Refer to the documentation of said recipe


The following example applies the ChangePackage Recipe to a set of Java files in the com.acme package and moves them to the value of #companyPkg. This is more powerful than using RewritePath and ReplaceText, as it reads the syntax of files and correctly deals with imports, fully vs. non-fully qualified names, and so on.

  - include: ["**/*.java"]
  - type: OpenRewriteRecipe
      oldFullyQualifiedPackageName: "'com.acme'"
      newFullyQualifiedPackageName: "#companyPkg"
      recursive: true
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