Welcome to the Application Accelerator landing page.


Documentation for Application Accelerator v1.2 and later is in the Tanzu Application Platform documentation.

Application Accelerator v1.0 and v1.1 have reached the end of support. Documentation for these versions is now archived in PDF format.

About Application Accelerator

Enterprise Architects use Application Accelerator to provide developers and administrators in their organization with ready-made, enterprise-conformant code and configurations. They do this by authoring and publishing accelerators that are maintained in Git repositories.

Accelerators contain complete and runnable application code and deployment configurations. The accelerator contains metadata for altering the code and deployment configurations based on input values provided for specific options defined in the accelerator metadata.

Developers use Application Accelerator to create new projects that follow enterprise standards. The user interface makes it easy to discover accelerators and to enter additional information used for processing the files before downloading. Developers use the list, get, and generate commands for using accelerators available in an Application Accelerator server.

Administrators use create, update, and delete commands for managing accelerators in a Kubernetes context. When administrators want to use get and list commands, they can specify the --from-context flag to access accelerators in a Kubernetes context.