This topic describes steps for manual installation of Application Live View and its components.The user must install a Kubernetes cluster on a cloud platform provider or local Kubernetes environment and configure it.

Below components are part of Application Live View:

The Application Live View Server is the required component which hosts the UI that lists all the applications registered via Sidecar or Connector.

For the applications to be observed by Application Live View Server, either Application Live View Connector or Application Live View Sidecar is used:

  1. You can use Application Live View Connector for discovering the application pods running on the Kubernetes cluster and register the instances to the Application Live View Server for it to be observed. The connector can be deployed as Cluster-Scoped (observe applications across all namespaces and nodes) or Namespace-Scoped (observe applications within a namespace).

  2. You can use Application Live View Sidecar which runs alongside a single application (inside the same pod) running on Kubernetes cluster. It is responsible for registering the application with the Application Live View Server.

The Application Live View CRD Controller interacts with Application Live View Server to manage custom resources objects which contain the application instance data in Kubernetes environment.

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