Uninstalling Application Service Adapter

This topic describes how to uninstall the Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform.

To uninstall Application Service Adapter:

  1. Delete all Cloud Foundry orgs and spaces from your cluster.

    cf delete-space SPACE-NAME
    cf delete-org ORG-NAME
  2. Uninstall the Application Service Adapter package from your cluster.

    tanzu package installed delete tas-adapter \
      --namespace tas-adapter-install
  3. Remove the repository from your cluster.

    tanzu package repository delete tas-adapter-repository \
      --namespace tas-adapter-install
  4. Delete the image pull secret.

    tanzu secret registry delete tanzunet-registry \
      --namespace tas-adapter-install
  5. Delete the tas-adapter-install namespace.

    kubectl delete ns tas-adapter-install
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