Application Single Sign-On for VMware Tanzu® (1.0.0-beta.5)

Application Single Sign-On for VMware Tanzu®, short AppSSO, provides APIs for curating and consuming a “Single Sign-On as a service” offering on Tanzu Application Platform.

  • ⏩ Are you a platform operator and want to install the AppSSO package to your TAP cluster? Start here.
  • ⏩ Are you a service operator and want to provide app teams with Single Sign-On as a service? Start here.
  • ⏩ Are you an application operator and want to secure your workload with Single Sign-On? Start here.

With AppSSO Service Operators can configure and deploy authorization servers. Application Operators can then configure their Workloads with these authorization servers to provide Single Sign-On to their end-users.

AppSSO allows to integrate authentication and authorization decisions early in the software development and release lifecycle. It provides a seamless transition for workloads from development to production when including Single Sign-On solutions in your software.

It’s easy to get started with AppSSO; deploy an authorization server with static test users. Eventually, progress to multiple authorization servers of production-grade scale with token key rotation, multiple upstream identity providers and client restrictions.

AppSSO’s authorization server is based off of Spring Authorization Server.

Important: The functionality of beta features has been tested, but performance has not. Features enter the beta stage for customers to gain early access to them and give feedback on their design and behavior. Beta features might undergo changes based on that feedback before leaving beta. VMware discourages running beta features in production. VMware does not guarantee that any beta feature can be upgraded in the future.

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