Issuer URI

Before you can apply an AuthServer you an issuer URI. This issuer URI is the entry point for its clients and their end-users. It needs to be reachable by clients, end-users and the AppSSO operator. Therefore, we need to configure a Service and a form of ingress for the AuthServer to receive traffic.

It is essential to configure Ingress with HTTPS. An authorization server is a critical piece of your security. Using plain HTTP is discouraged.

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Configure a Service for AuthServer

To create a Service for an AuthServer it must select the authorization server’s Deployment and configure ports as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: my-authserver # please, edit
  namespace: authservers # please, edit
  selector: my-authserver # replace this with your AuthServer's name authorization-server
    - port: 80
      targetPort: 8080

Once you have configured ingress with HTTPS for this Service you should have an issuer URI you can use for your Authserver:


If everything goes well, the IssuerURIReady condition in AuthServer.status.conditions will have status: "True". If not, it will tell you why.

If you need to configure a plain HTTP issuer URI, see unsafe configuration

Caveat when using kapp

If you are deploying your Service with kapp make sure to set the following annotation to avoid that kapp amends spec.selector: ""
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