Application Single Sign-On for VMware Tanzu® (1.0.0)

Application Single Sign-On for VMware Tanzu®, short AppSSO, provides APIs for curating and consuming a “Single Sign-On as a service” offering on Tanzu Application Platform.

With AppSSO Service Operators can configure and deploy authorization servers. Application Operators can then configure their Workloads with these authorization servers to provide Single Sign-On to their end-users.

AppSSO allows to integrate authentication and authorization decisions early in the software development and release lifecycle. It provides a seamless transition for workloads from development to production when including Single Sign-On solutions in your software.

It’s easy to get started with AppSSO; deploy an authorization server with static test users. Eventually, progress to multiple authorization servers of production-grade scale with token key rotation, multiple upstream identity providers and client restrictions.

AppSSO’s authorization server is based off of Spring Authorization Server.

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