You can view the available appliance updates and update your current appliance version to the latest version.



  1. Log into your existing version of the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and click on the user name.
  3. Go to Administration.
  4. Click Appliance Lifecycle.
  5. Select the Updates tab to see the list of available appliance versions.
  6. Click Upload and select the valid file.
    Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu uploads and validates the file.
  7. Click Update.
    Note: You do not see the Update option in case of any error in the uploaded file.


  • When the update process starts, the appliance will be in maintenance mode, which does not allow any operations, including other users.
  • After the successful update, you see the newer version listed in the table.

What to do next

After upgrade, you must run the introspection process again to collect running process and component details of the VMs, and then discover the topology.