You can analyse application to identify the components that are eligible for transformation.



  1. Click Analyze from the main menu.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the application name.
    You see the list of analyzable and non-analyzable components in the application.
  3. On the Analyzable tab,
    1. Click Analyze.
      • For WebLogic: The Analysis task internally uses Oracle’s WDT (WebLogic Server Deploy Tooling) to extract the domain information. It generates a model .yaml file that you can before containerization.
      • For Tomcat: The Analysis task discovers the tomcat instance for configuration from CATALINA_BASE, deployed applications, custom libraries, and DB resources.
      • For Oracle database: The Analysis task requires database details. For more information, see Analyze the Oracle Database.
      You see the Analysis task is triggered on the tasks list. If the analysis is successful, you see the Promote to Transform option available for use.
    2. Click the Promote to Transform option.
      Note: Once you promote the component to the transform phase, you cannot undo the operation.
    3. Click Proceed on the confirmation page.
      You see the list of missing file names in the message prompt, if any.
      You see the status as Moved to Transform.

What to do next

Transform Your Application