Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 1.0 | 03 FEB 2022 | Build 19282192

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What's New

Application Transformer for Tanzu® is a modernization tool that helps in the discovery, analysis, and transformation of your applications in VMs to containers. It introspects your VMs to discover existing components and resources and identifies the dependencies and associations into your applications components. It analyses applications based on archetypes and generates application topology. It creates container images and allows to store in the designated registry. You can run the containerized applications on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

Key Features in Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu:

  • Scan and Introspect: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu scans your vCenter Server to discover VMs and introspects VMs to identify applications, components, and processes that runs within the VMs. See Discovery Overview.
  • Analysis: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu performs detailed analysis of applications and automatically classifies your application components into analyzable components and non-analyzable components. It identifies the components that are eligible for transformation. See Analyze Overview.
  • Containerize: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 1.0 supports different types of containerization, which creates OCI images for the application components and produces a deployment file that you can deploy on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
    • Tomcat Containerization
    • WebLogic Containerization
    • Process Containerization

    See Containerization.

  • Import Inventory: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu allows you to add your inventory details together from a CSV file. See Import an Inventory.
  • User Roles: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu supports default roles with different privileges. You can create new users and assign the roles to the users. See Overview Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu Roles.
  • Assign Tags: You can assign tags to the VMs and applications for categorization, which will further move into analyse and transformation phase. See Assign Tags.
  • Integrations:
    • Discover components interdependencies: You can integrate with vRealize Network Insight to collect flow information like VM connections, application dependencies and can generate application topology. See Integrating with vRealize Network Insight.
    • Group Java components based on their archetypes: You can enable the Cloud Suitability Analyzer feature to run the binary analysis on applications. This automates the process of understanding all the applications and its services running in your environment. It groups the applications and services in a cluster based on their archetypes or facets, imports, invocations, annotations. See Perform Binary Analysis of your Application.
  • Add a Custom Component Signature: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu allows you to add custom component signature to discover components during introspection. See Add a Component Signature.


For additional information about new features, see the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu documentation.

Known Issues

  • In some versions of Windows OS Mozilla Firefox browser, process containerization stops responding after Entrypoint stage.

    To avoid the issue, update the Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version or use a different browser. You can see the list of supported at Supported Web Browsers.

  • Tomcat Analysis on Ubuntu VM fails if Java is updated on the VM, but Tomcat still refers to the old Java version.

    To fix the issue, restart the Tomcat service or process and perform introspection again.

  • The vCenter Resync option does not update the new vCenter tags on the VMs.

  • If Tomcat is upgraded from 7 to 10 version, the docker container fails to start from created image.

    Containerize Tomcat using the generic transform flow (Process Containerization) to copy the required folders and override the required files.

  • If an Oracle database exists in a VM, the Discover Topology does not create an application even when flow is detected.

    To avoid the issue, create a custom component signature identifying the tnslsnr process as the Oracle listener component. After adding the signature, perform VM introspection, and then click Discover Topology to create application.

  • The binary analysis might fail with the INVALID BINARY PATH error.

    Run the binary analysis on JAVA components. Currently, Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu supports binary analysis on JAVA components only.

  • While adding a new component signature, if you use the file name with an extension, you see an error message.

    To fix the issue, extract the zip file that you were uploading for custom collector scripts and rename the init script by removing the extension. (Example use run, instead of You can use alpha-numeric, underscore (_), and hyphen (-) characters only, and not a dot (.).

  • The generated Tomcat deployment file has the containerPort value as string.

    Open the generated deployment.yaml file and remove the '' from the containerPort value to deploy.

  • During Process Containerization, if you have selected the files without extension to override, you see the invalid file error.

  • The Embedded_Harbor is not listed in the list of registries on the UI.

    Delete Embedded_Harbor_Admin_Account from Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu UI, and then run the below python script as the root user.

    python3 /opt/vmware/iris/bin/

  • On the self-signed certificate, you see the VMware IRIS instances, instead of Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.

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