Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 1.1.1 | 10 MAY 2022 | Build 19748304

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What's New

This is a maintenance release for Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu, which resolves a few important functionality issues identified in the product.

For what's new in 1.0 release, see the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 1.0 Release Notes.

Product Upgrade

For upgrade procedure, see to the Upgrading Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu section in the Install Guide.


For additional information about new features, see the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu documentation.

Resolved Issues

  • You cannot export the VM and Application inventory reports if it is too large.

  • You cannot reset the password to remove ACCOUNT_LOCKED error.

  • During the Transform phase, when you use embedded harbor as the source registry, the Image validation fails.

  • After you upgrade Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu, the appliance stops to respond.

  • If you have added too many (500+) tags in vCenter Server, the vCenter registration, scan & credential policy fails in Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.

  • The vCenter Server registration fails if an attached host is not reachable from Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.

  • The Component page takes long time to load data.

  • Introspection completes successfully for the Windows Administrator user only, and not for other users.

  • You see the component scan error even when the Windows credentials are not passed during introspection.

  • Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu does not provide an option to filter introspected and non-introspected VMs, and to filter the VMs on which the introspection failed.

  • The socket information is Null for Windows components.

  • You do not see the Embedded Harbor in the list of registries on Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu UI.

Known Issues

  • The vCenter Resync option does not update the new vCenter tags on the VMs.

  • If you have added a registry in the 1.0 or 1.1 version, then the validation for Base OS Image might fail during the Transform phase.

    Upgrade Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu to 1.1.1 version and go to Transform > Image Registry to re-add or update registry.

  • Tomcat Analysis on Ubuntu VM fails if Java is updated on the VM, but Tomcat still refers to the old Java version.

    To fix the issue, restart the Tomcat service or process and perform introspection again.

  • In some versions of Windows OS Mozilla Firefox browser, process containerization stops responding after Entrypoint stage.

    To avoid the issue, update the Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version or use a different browser. You can see the list of supported at Supported Web Browsers.

  • If Tomcat is upgraded from 7 to 10 version, the docker container fails to start from created image.

    Containerize Tomcat using the generic transform flow (Process Containerization) to copy the required folders and override the required files.

  • If an Oracle database exists in a VM, the Discover Topology does not create an application even when flow is detected.

    To avoid the issue, create a custom component signature identifying the tnslsnr process as the Oracle listener component. After adding the signature, perform VM introspection, and then click Discover Topology to create application.

  • The binary analysis might fail with the BINARY NOT FOUND error.

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Discovery > Virtual Machines and expand the VM view.
    2. Navigate to the component to add or update the path of the binaries for a component.

      Note: Use the below format to set the binary path:

      <Service/Application Name>=<binary path>


      • AppTx-update-service=/opt/apptx/apptx-update-service.jar
      • AppTx-discovery-service=/opt/apptx/apptx- discovery -service.jar
    3. Run the Analysis again.
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