Welcome to the Cloud Director Extensibility Development Guide, your comprehensive resource for developing and extending capabilities within VMware Cloud Director. This guide is structured to provide developers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with the necessary information to enhance, customize, and expand the functionality of the platform.

Cloud Director Extensibility Overview


Developers and CSPs to gain insights into the capabilities offered by the Cloud Director Extensibility Platform and the Cloud Director Extension SDK.


The intended audience for this guide includes developers, system administrators, and Cloud Service Providers looking to extend and tailor the VMware Cloud Director environment to meet specific business requirements.

Structure of the Guide

The Cloud Director Extensibility Development Guide is organized into two main sections:

Cloud Director Extension SDK

Extensions are bundled within what we refer to as Solution Add-Ons, which are installed in Cloud Director and follow a carefully defined and controlled lifecycle. These add-ons are made up of different parts that use the features of the Extensibility Platform. In this section, you will discover how to develop, construct, and deploy them.

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Cloud Director Extensibility Platform

The Extensibility Platform introduces the capabilities that enable developers and CSPs to build and offer additional cloud services. It also highlights the relationship between Solution Add-ons and the broader capabilities of the Extensibility Platform. In this section, you will access detailed technical guides that offer in-depth information on each capability.

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