Cloud Native Runtimes for Tanzu Overview

Cloud Native Runtimes for Tanzu is a serverless application runtime for Kubernetes that is based on Knative and runs on a single Kubernetes cluster. For information about Knative, see the Knative documentation. Cloud Native Runtimes capabilities are included in VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition and VMware Tanzu Application Platform. For information about Tanzu Advanced Edition, see Overview of Tanzu Advanced Edition. For information about Tanzu Application Platform, see About Tanzu Application Platform.

Cloud Native Runtimes is compatible with clusters from the following Kubernetes platform providers:

Cloud Native Runtimes supports:

  • Scale-to-zero
  • Scale-from-zero
  • Event-triggered workloads

You can integrate Cloud Native Runtimes with the following products:


With Cloud Native Runtimes, you can scale the number of pods up and down based on the incoming request rate. Pods can be configured to scale to zero when the containers are not processing requests. Pods can be configured to automatically start when a new request arrives. Cloud Native Runtimes supports bounded concurrency, letting you limit how many requests a pod can process at the same time. Adaptive scaling lets you compute according to the amount of traffic in order to conserve server resources.


With Cloud Native Runtimes, you can use a developer abstraction on top of Kubernetes, letting you develop without managing servers and updating workloads. Knative includes abstractions like the Service developer abstraction that manages several Kubernetes serving and deploying concepts. Administrators can create a unified developer experience across cloud platforms with a shared Knative foundation.


Cloud Native Runtimes lets developers use blue/green or canary deployment methods, and built in traffic splitting. Traffic splitting lets you control how changes to your app are rolled out to a set percentage of users. These features provide the ability to control how features are rolled out incrementally to users.

Event-Driven Apps

Cloud Native Runtimes supports event-driven apps by using Knative. You can use event triggers to scale your app-based on demand. For example, you can configure an event source to send an event notification to a broker when a file is uploaded to a storage bucket, store that event, forward that event to matching triggers, and then run image recognition on that video file. You can use many different kinds of events and event sources. Using the Knative framework makes many external integrations and microservices available.

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