Verifying Your Installation

You can verify that your Cloud Native Runtimes for Tanzu installation was successful by testing Knative Serving, Knative Eventing, and TriggerMesh Sources for Amazon Web Services (SAWS).

Verify with a Private Registry

To verify your installation with a private registry, follow the procedure in Preparing to Create a Service to create a secret for your private registry before following the steps in the next section.

Verify Installation of Knative Serving, Knative Eventing, and TriggerMesh SAWS

To verify the installation of Knative Serving, Knative Eventing, and Triggermesh SAWS:

  1. Create a namespace and environment variable for the test. Run:
    export WORKLOAD_NAMESPACE='cnr-demo'
    kubectl create namespace ${WORKLOAD_NAMESPACE}
  2. Verify installation of the components that you intend to use:

    To test… Create… For instructions, see…
    Knative Serving a test service. Verifying Knative Serving
    Knative Eventing a broker, a producer, and a consumer. Verifying Knative Eventing
    TriggerMesh SAWS an AWS source and trigger it. Verifying TriggerMesh SAWS
  3. Delete the namespace that you created for the tests. Run:

    kubectl delete namespaces ${WORKLOAD_NAMESPACE}
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