CNR Compatibility Matrix

This topic describes all the tools and software versions that are compatible or necessary with CNR.

Kubernetes Cluster Software

Cluster Software Version
kapp-controller v0.30.0
secretgen-controller v0.6.0

Local Command Line Tools

Command Line Tools Version
kn v1.2.0
kube-ctl v1.20.0
ytt v0.37.0
imgpkg v0.22.0
kapp v0.42.0
kbld v0.31.0

Local Development Compatibilities

Local Deployment Version
Kind v0.11.1
Minikube v1.23.2
Docker v4.0.1

VMware Software Compatibilities

VMware Deployment Version
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.3.1
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition v1.12
Tanzu Mission Control Current Version
vSphere with Tanzu v7.0

Cloud Provider Compatibilities

Cloud Deployment Version
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Supported
Google Kubernetes Service Supported
Google Kubernetes Engine with Autopilot Not Supported
Azure Kubernetes Service Supported

CNR Integrations

CNR Integrations Version
VMware Tanzu Observability Supported
Avi Vantage Supported
Rabbit MQ Supported
Tanzu Service Mesh Supported
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