Cloud Native Runtimes Overview

Cloud Native Runtimes (CNR) is enterprise supported Knative, with the Carvel tools suite for deployment and Contour for networking. CNR offers everything Knative does and some extras that make it ideal for cloud native application development. Cloud Native Runtimes gives developers environmental simplicity and administrators deployment control. Cloud Native Runtimes works on any single Kubernetes cluster running Kubernetes v1.21 and later.

CNR utilizes Knative’s main features of Serving and Eventing to provide:

  • Automatic pod scaling.
  • Traffic splitting by code release version.
  • Event-triggered workloads.

Cloud Native Runtimes simplifies the Developer experience.

Kubernetes Developers need to know: Cloud Native Runtimes Developers need to know:
Pods Pods
Deployment & Rollout Progress Knative Service
Service (networking model)
Labels and selectors

Cloud Native Runtimes increases Administrator control and support.

Administrators can:
Manage infrastructure costs with request driven autoscaling.
Test deployments with traffic splitting by code version
Use Carvel command tools to simplify deployment.
Enterprise Support when you need it.

Cloud Native Runtimes works well with these use cases:

  • Batch Jobs Processing
  • AI/ML
  • Application or Network Monitoring
  • IOT
  • Event driven and serverless application architectures.

For more information on the software that makes Cloud Native Runtimes see:

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