Configure TLS Certificate for Cloud Native Runtimes

Configure secure HTTPS connections to enable your Knative services and routes to terminate external TLS connections.


In order to configure TLS for Cloud Native Runtimes, you must first configure a Service Domain. For more information, see Configuring External DNS with CNR.

To configure your TLS certificate for the created Knative Services, follow the steps:

  • Create a Kubernetes Secret to hold your TLS Certificate
kubectl create -n cloud-native-runtimes secret tls [TLS_NAME] \
  --key key.pem \
  --cert cert.pem
  • Include the following config in your cnr-values.yml file and redeploy:
default_tls_secret: "cloud-native-runtimes/[TLS_NAME]"

This will modify the Knative default_tls_secret ConfigMap to use default_tls_secret as the default tls certificate

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