Cloud Native Runtimes release notes

This topic contains release notes for Cloud Native Runtimes for Tanzu v1.3.


Release Date: July 12, 2022

New features

New features in this release:

  • Documentation: The Cloud Native Runtimes documentation is refactored to align with Tanzu Application Platform.
  • Removed config option local_dns: The config options for local_dns were removed. They were added when CNR was a standalone offering, but now that Cloud Native Runtimes is part of Tanzu Application Platform, the config options don’t work as intended.
  • Knative 1.3: See Knative Release Notes for serving and eventing.
  • Contour 1.19.1 Included as part of new Knative version
  • Golang Bump: Built with Golang 1.17.11.

Resolved issues

This release has the following fixes:

  • The rabbitmq-controller-manager pod is no longer repeatedly restarted.
  • Kapp-controller updates default_tls_secret in the config-contour ConfigMap when needed.
  • The lite config option in the Cloud Native Runtimes package definition is now on by default when the provider config value is set to “local”.

Known issues

This release has the following issues:

  • Cloud Native Runtimes fails to install when configured with reuse_crds:true and no internal and/or external Contour namespace provided on a cluster with Contour installed at a version other than 1.19.1. Tanzu Application Platform 1.2.0 includes Contour 1.18.2. Therefore, it is succeptible to this issue when configured as described. See Installing Cloud Native Runtimes with an Existing Contour Installation for more details.


Cloud Native Runtimes v1.3.0 uses the following component versions:

Release Details
Version v1.3.0
Release date July 12, 2022
Component Version
Knative Serving 1.3.2
Knative Eventing 1.3.2
Knative Eventing RabbitMQ Integration 1.3.1
Knative cert-manager Integration 1.3.0
Knative Serving Contour Integration 1.3.0
VMware Tanzu Sources for Knative 1.3.0
TriggerMesh Sources from Amazon Web Services (SAWS) 1.6.0
vSphere Event Sources 1.3.0

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