Installing Concourse for VMware Tanzu

Concourse for VMware Tanzu is a continuous integration and delivery tool that lets you build and monitor scalable pipelines seamlessly. This topic describes how to install Concourse and what various use cases should consider in order to install and configure Concourse successfully.what you need to install it successfully.

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Concourse for General CI/CD

Concourse is a powerful, flexible CI/CD tool that can be installed in a number of different configurations. This guide aims to describe a common deployment strategy that can be used for general purpose automation work, while also offering information on how you can customize your deployment to suit your unique needs and wants.

For advanced installation topics, see:

Concourse for Platform Automation

VMware Platform Automation leverages a Concourse deployment to provide the building blocks to create repeatable and reusable automated pipeline(s) for installing and upgrading PCF foundations.

To get started with Platform Automation, view the following guide:

For more information about Platform Automation, or to learn how to perform an upgrade once it's installed, visit the VMware Platform Automation documentation site.

Advanced Topics

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