Oxygen Mask is a Concourse Service Level Indicator (SLI) monitoring suite. It sets up pipelines that emit metrics to Datadog to verify the health of your deployment.


Before you use Oxygen Mask, you must have Datadog.

If your team does not use Datadog, contact the Concourse team for other methods for verifying and monitoring your Concourse deployment.

Set up Monitoring Pipelines

  1. If you do not have a team set up for monitoring, create one by running the following command:

    fly -t DEPLOYMENT-NAME set-team --team-name TEAM-NAME --local-user admin


    • DEPLOYMENT-NAME is the name of your Concourse deployment
    • TEAM-NAME is the name you choose for your team
  2. From your workspace directory, clone the repository by running:

    git clone
  3. Move into the directory by running:

    cd oxygen-mask
  4. Fetch a Datadog API key by navigating to your Datadog's Integrations > API page.

  1. (Optional) Generate a GitHub access token. You can use this token so that you are not rate-limited in requests to Git resources. For how to do so, see Creating a personal access token for the command line.

  2. Set up your monitoring pipelines by running the following script:



    • TEAM-NAME is the name of the team you created in step 1
    • USERNAME is the username for the team you created in step 1
    • PASSWORD is the password for the team you created in step 1
    • GITHUB-ACCESS-TOKEN is optional

    You should see a message saying that your monitoring pipelines have been created.

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