Data Management for VMware Tanzu has four main components:

  • Template Repository - For each new Data Management for VMware Tanzu release, VMware publishes a set of Data Management for VMware Tanzu Database Templates on Tanzu Network. Data Management for VMware Tanzu periodically polls Tanzu Net for new and updated templates. (In an air-gapped environment, the user is responsible for populating the templates in DMS.) When a Provider Administrator user publishes a template, it becomes available for all Data Management for VMware Tanzu users.
  • Provider - A CAP-based appliance deployed in the Service Provider's data center. The Data Management for VMware Tanzu installation will include a single Provider instance, or 3-4 instances in Provider High Availability mode. The Provider provides the API gateway and user interface for all Data Management for VMware Tanzu users in a hosted instance. It provides a central control plane that interacts with Agents installed in vSphere clusters.
  • Agent - A CAP-based appliance in each vSphere cluster that hosts data services created by Data Management for VMware Tanzu. It provides a local control plane that is responsible for initiating operations on Service Instances deployed in the cluster.
  • Service Instance - A Photon VM that hosts a data service created by a Data Management for VMware Tanzu user. DMS supports provisioning MySQL and PostgreSQL database instances. Each DB VM is deployed in its Agent's cluster, and communicates with its Agent via a private API.

The Provider and Agent require access to certain external components to function completely and correctly:

  • The Provider requires access to Tanzu Network, S3-compatible object storage, and an NTP service. You can optionally configure the Provider to access an LDAP server, SMTP server, and Elastic Search.
  • The Agent requires access to the Provider, vCenter, S3-compatible object storage, an NTP service, and Telegraf (monitoring).

In the architecture diagram below, the Provider, Agent, and Service Instances are all running in the same vSphere cluster. Data Management for VMware Tanzu also supports multi-cluster deployments as described in Deployment Models.

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