You can delete an Organization Administrator or Organization User user from a Tenant Org that you have created in Data Management for VMware Tanzu. The user that you want to delete must not own any active DMS objects (backups, Service Instances, log bundles).

You cannot delete a Local user if you want to keep the user's Service Instances running. Instead, you must reset the Local user's DMS password to prohibit access by the user, and then delegate management of these instances to an Organization Administrator.


Before you delete a user, ensure that you have saved a copy of the backups, Service Instances, and log bundles owned or generated by the user, and then delete these entities.


Perform the following procedure to delete a user:

  1. Select Users from the left navigation pane.

    This actions displays the Users view, a table that lists the configured users.

  2. Examine the users listed in the table, identify the user that you wish to delete, and navigate to that table row.

  3. Click on the Action column value, and select Delete User from the pop-up menu.

    The Confirmation dialog displays.

  4. If you are certain that you want to delete the user, click CONFIRM.

    The specified user is deleted from Data Management for VMware Tanzu.

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