If you have deployed Data Management for VMware Tanzu in an air-gapped environment (an environment with no internet connectivity), you are responsible for manually checking for updates and populating new templates and software updates in the Provider Repo.

You are required to periodically check VMware Tanzu Network or VMware Customer Connect for new Data Management for VMware Tanzu templates and updates. If any new templates or software updates are available, you must download the Air-gap Environment Repository distributed in the release and manually populate the Provider Repo, preserving the existing directory structure.

Step 1: Examine Tanzu Network or VMware Customer Connect and download a new DMS release
Step 2: Populate the Provider Repo

Examining Tanzu Network and Downloading a New Release

The templates and software updates in a Data Management for VMware Tanzu release are available as a separate, single download from VMware Tanzu Network and VMware Customer Connect . The download file is a .zip file that unpacks to the required Provider Repo directory structure.

Perform these steps to download the air-gapped deliverable:

  1. Navigate to Data Management for VMware Tanzu on VMware Tanzu Network or VMware Customer Connect, locate and select Air-gap Environment Repository, and download the file.

    The format of the download file name is:

  2. Make note of the directory to which the file was downloaded.

Populating the Provider Repo

You must populate the Provider Repo bucket with the contents of the air_gap_deliverables.zip file that you downloaded from Tanzu Network, retaining the existing directory structure.

Note: The Provider expects that the zip file is unpacked, as-is, in the root level of the bucket. Do not introduce intermediate folders or change the directory structure.


Before you begin populating the Provider Repo, ensure that you:

  • Have created and can identify the name of the bucket configured for the repo.
  • Have the keys to the S3-compatible object storage on hand.
  • Have access to a CLI or GUI fronting the S3 repository.


Perform the following procedure to unpack the repository into the Provider Repo:

  1. Recall the file system location of the downloaded air_gap_deliverables.zip file.

  2. Unpack the file locally:

    user@host$ mkdir airgap
    user@host$ cd airgap
    user@host$ unzip <path_to_file>/air_gap_deliverables.zip

    The command unpacks the templates, software updates, and supporting files for the Data Management for VMware Tanzu release to the current working directory.

  3. Copy the unpacked files to the Provider Repo bucket:

    • For example, if you are using a CLI and your Provider Repo is in AWS:

      user@host$ cd ..
      user@host$ aws s3 cp --recursive ./airgap/ s3://<bucket_name>/ 
    • If you are using a GUI front-end, use the tool to copy the files.

  4. Verify that the S3 bucket includes the following files and directories:

Note: The new software will be visible and available to the Provider when it next checks for updates (at 12:00 AM UTC).

Next Steps

Read up on how Data Management for VMware Tanzu handles software updates:

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