Automated Backups Fail


Automated backups are failing for no obvious reason.

Potential Cause:

Validate that both IP addresses on the Service Instance VM are reachable. Also, compare the Service Instance VM uptime with the uptime of the systemd-networkd service running on the VM. If both IP addresses are not reachable and the VM uptime is considerably greater than the service uptime, the systemd-networkd service was likely restarted after VM boot.


The Provider VM and Service Instance VM each have two network interfaces. eth0 must be the VM's default gateway. Source-based routing is required for eth1.

Routing rules are removed when the systemd-networkd service is restarted. Data Management for VMware Tanzu takes care of configuring source-based routing during the VM's boot. However, DMS cannot detect a systemd-networkd service restart that is initiated after the VM is booted. If the service happens to be restarted after boot, you must manually run a script to re-configure source-based routing.


  1. Log in to the Service Instance VM as the root user.

  2. Manually run the DMS script that configures source-based routing:

    root@vm$ /opt/vmware/tdm-dbagent/bin/
  3. Validate that automated backups return to functioning normally.


There is no impact on Service Instance uptime, nor on a client's ability to connect to a database.

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