There are several services running on the Provider VM that are central to the operation of the Provider and Data Management for VMware Tanzu. Data Management for VMware Tanzu collects health data for each Provider in your installation, and for each core service running in the Provider VM.

Note: You can monitor the health of the Provider only via the Data Management for VMware Tanzu API. It is your responsibility to choose a tool and to configure it to monitor the Data Management for VMware Tanzu console endpoint.

Querying Provider Health

Invoke the /appliance/providerhealth endpoint of the Data Management for VMware Tanzu API to query the health (UP or DOWN) of the Provider node:

GET https://<provider-ip-address>/appliance/providerhealth
Note: You must add the Provider Authorization --header as a Bearer token when you make the request.

Sample response excerpt:

    "id": "8a6cf2d7-187f-41b1-96f3-adbd74d5af20",
    "nodeId": "7fd97971-f6b8-4f04-b931-231a55dc3a48",
    "status": "UP",
    "createdTime": 1614692472208

Data Management for VMware Tanzu returns the Provider node health in the response status.

Querying the Status of Provider Core Services

The /appliance/status endpoint of the Data Management for VMware Tanzu API returns the status (ACTIVE, INACTIVE, FAILED) of the core services running on the Provider node:

GET https://<provider-ip-address>/appliance/status

Sample response excerpt:

    "postgres": "ACTIVE",
    "rabbitMQ": "ACTIVE",
    "provider": "ACTIVE",
    "monitoring": "ACTIVE",
    "apms": "ACTIVE",
    "updateManager": "ACTIVE"
    "rclone": "ACTIVE"


If you find that a Provider node is DOWN, restarting an INACTIVE or FAILED core service on the Provider VM may rectify the situation.

The table below identifies the mapping between each /appliance/status response parameter and the (VM OS) service name:

providerhealth Response Parameter Description VM OS Service Name
postgres Internal vPostgres database vpostgresql
rabbitMQ RabbitMQ service rabbitmq-server
provider Provider service provider
monitoring Monitoring service monitoring
apms Appliance management service apms
updateManager Update manager service update-manager
rclone rclone service rclone


Perform the following procedure for a Provider node with DOWN status:

  1. Get the status of the services running on the Provider.

    GET https://<provider-ip-address>/appliance/status
  2. Examine that reponse, and identify any services with INACTIVE or FAILED status.

  3. SSH into the Provider VM.

  4. Restart each affected service. For example:

    user@providervm$ systemctl restart update-manager.service
  5. Check the Provider service status again.

    GET https://<provider-ip-address>/appliance/status

    Ensure that all services are in the ACTIVE state.

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