Data Management for VMware Tanzu can use Elastic Search to aggregate Provider VM logs.

If you are configuring Elastic Search and you plan to or have configured Provider HA:

  • You must configure Elastic Search settings on the Primary Provider if you have not yet configured Provider HA.
  • You can configure Elastic Search on any Provider in the HA cluster after you configure HA.
  • If you do choose to configure Elastic Search, you are responsible for managing the Elastic Search logs as described in About Elastic Search Log Management
  • Data Management for VMware Tanzu supports configuration of only non-SSL Elastic Search.
  • You can configure either Elastic Search or a Syslog server, but not both.
  • Prerequisites

    Before you configure the Elastic Search settings for Data Management for VMware Tanzu, you must:

    • Create an Elastic Search deployment.
    • Note the IP address and port number of the Elastic Search server.
    • Identify the name of an Elastic Search index for Data Management for VMware Tanzu.


    Perform the following procedure to configure Elastic Search settings:

    1. Select Settings from the left navigation pane.

      This action displays the Information tab in the Settings view.

    2. Click the Log Forwarding tab in the Settings view, and then click EDIT.

    3. Toggle Log Forwarding from OFF to ON, and then set the following Elastic Search properties in the Log Server Setting form.

      Property Name Value
      Type Select Elastic Search from the drop down.
      IP Address The IP address of the Elastic Search deployment.
      Port The port number on which the Elastic Search server is listening.
      Index Name The Elastic Search index in which to store and organize the Provider logs.
    4. Click SAVE.

    Note: After you configure Elastic Search, you can click EDIT in the Log Server Settings view of the Log Forwarding tab to change the IP Address, Port, and Index Name of the Elastic Search deployment, to deactivate Log Forwarding, or to configure a Syslog server.

    About Elastic Search Log Management

    Data Management for VMware Tanzu does not monitor or manage the logs in your Elastic Search installation. You are responsible for configuring log rotation, and for purging the logs that you no longer require.

    Refer to the Range query and Delete by query API topics in the Elastic Search documentation for more information about these tasks.

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