Console and API Access Fails


Users are unable to access the Data Management for VMware Tanzu console or API.

Potential Cause:

Validate that both IP addresses on the Provider VM are reachable. Also, compare the Provider VM uptime with the uptime of the systemd-networkd service running on the VM. If both IP addresses are not reachable and the VM uptime is considerably greater than the service uptime, the systemd-networkd service was likely restarted after VM boot.


The Provider VM and Database VM each have two network interfaces. eth0 must be the VM's default gateway. Source-based routing is required for eth1.

Routing rules are removed when the systemd-networkd service is restarted. Data Management for VMware Tanzu takes care of configuring source-based routing during the VM's boot. However, Data Management for VMware Tanzu cannot detect a systemd-networkd service restart that is initiated after the VM is booted. If the service happens to be restarted after boot, you must manually run a script to re-configure source-based routing.


  1. Log in to the VM as the root user.

  2. Manually run the Data Management for VMware Tanzu script that configures source-based routing:

    root@vm$ /opt/vmware/tdm-provider/bin/
  3. Validate that access to the Data Management for VMware Tanzu console and API has been restored.


While the Data Management for VMware Tanzu service is unreachable, there is no impact on database uptime, nor on a client's ability to connect to a database.

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