Data Management for VMware Tanzu allows you to update the Role assigned to a Local user and the user's Contact Number.

Note: You cannot change the Organization or Email Id configured for a Local user.


You must be able to identify the name of the user.


Perform the following procedure to update the role or contact information for a Local user:

  1. Select Users from the left navigation pane.

    This actions displays the Users view, a table that lists the currently configured Users.

  2. Examine the users listed in the table, identify the user whose information you wish to update, and navigate to that table row.

  3. Click on the Action column value, and select Update Details from the pop-up menu.

    The Update Details dialog displays.

  4. Select a new user Role and/or add or change the Contact Number.

  5. Click UPDATE.

    The specified user's details are updated.

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