When you perform an unattended installation of Workstation Player, you can customize the installation by specifying installation properties in the installation command.

To specify an installation property in the installation command, use the format Property property= "value". A value of 1 means true and a value of 0 means false.

Table 1. Installation Properties
Property Description Default Value
AUTOSOFTWAREUPDATE Enables automatic upgrades for Workstation Player when a new build becomes available. 1
DATACOLLECTION Sends user experience information to VMware. 1
DESKTOP SHORTCUT Adds a shortcut on the desktop when Workstation Player is installed. 1
ENABLE_VIRTUAL_PRINTING Enables support for ThinPrint virtual printing on the Windows host after installing. 0
EULAS_AGREED Allows you to silently accept the product EULA's. Set to 1 to complete the installation or upgrade. 0
INSTALL_DIR Install Workstation Player in a directory that is different from the default Workstation Player location. C:\Program Files (86)\VMware\VMware Player
KEEP_LICENSE Specifies whether to keep or remove license keys when Workstation Player is uninstalled. 1
KEEP_SETTINGFILES Specifies whether to keep or remove settings files when Workstation Player is uninstalled. 1
PLAYER_RVM_URI Specifies the uniform resource identifier (URI) for the Horizon FLEX server. VMware-player-full-x.x.x-xxxxxx.exe /s /v/qn PLAYER_RVM_URI=“vmware-rvm://username@myserver.com:7443”
REBOOT Prevents host from rebooting after Workstation Player is installed. VMware-player-full-x.x.x-xxxxxx.exe /s /v /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress
RVMDOWNLOADPATH Sets the default folder to which Horizon FLEX virtual machines are downloaded. VMware-player-full-x.x.x-xxxxxx.exe /s /v "/qn RVMDOWNLOADPATH="c:\VMdownloadFolder""
SERIALNUMBER Lets you enter the license key when Workstation Player is installed. Enter the license key with hyphens, for example "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx".
SIMPLIFIEDUI Turn on or off certain UI features of Workstation Player. 0
SOFTWAREUPDATEURL Specifies a custom URL for managing software updates (separate from vmware.com).
STARTMENU_SHORTCUT Adds a Start menu item when Workstation Player is installed. 1
SUPPORTURL Set a support URL or email alias specifically for your users to contact with product issues through the Workstation Player Help menu.