You use policies to set an expiration date and control the features in virtual machine instances created from a Horizon FLEX image. You use entitlements so that specific users and groups can create virtual machine instances from a particular Horizon FLEX image.

You associate a policy with each entitlement that you create. This policy defines the default restriction settings for the virtual machine instances that are created from the Horizon FLEX image in the entitlement.

You can include the same Horizon FLEX image in multiple entitlements, and you can associate each entitlement with a different policy. The same user can be a member of multiple entitlements.

When a virtual machine instance is created, the policies associated with entitlements determine the instance's initial restrictions. When you change a policy, the policy change applies to all virtual machine instances assigned to the entitlement. You cannot change the restrictions for a particular virtual machine instance by changing the policy. To change the restrictions for a particular virtual machine instance, you need to create an entitlement for that virtual machine and assign a new policy to that entitlement. You can also change policy for a virtual machine by creating a new policy and assigning it to the virtual machine instance. In this case, creating an entitlement is not required.