The Horizon FLEX Client creates a random MAC address for each new instance of a virtual machine. However, if you want all virtual machines in an entitlement group to follow a MAC address pattern, you can specify that pattern.


  1. Specify an initial MAC address.
    All MAC addresses assigned from the Horizon FLEX start with OUI: 00:0C:29.
  2. Specify the last MAC address in the range.
    The range 00:0C:29:00:00:00 to 00:0C:29:FF:FF:FF is an example of a MAC address range.


  • The Horizon FLEX server uses each MAC address in order. The server automatically releases the MAC address for reuse when you use the Horizon FLEX Admin Console to delete the virtual machine or the virtual machine instance is in one of the following states.
    • Deleted by User
    • Download Canceled
    • Wiped
    • Invalid Source VM
  • When the Horizon FLEX server reaches the end of the range, a message appears telling users to inform their administrator that no MAC addresses are available.
  • The new MAC address is only applied to the first NIC, ethernet0.
  • The method for specifying a MAC address by manually editing the file on the end point continues to work. If you use the manual method, do not set a range on the Horizon FLEX server. See KB 2130612.