You can deploy a Horizon FLEX virtual machine by creating a uniform resource identifier (URI). Using a URI, you can create an email that contains a link that the end user can click to connect to a server and download a Horizon FLEX virtual machine.


  • Verify that the Horizon FLEX client is installed on the end user system.
  • Give the end user a password for the server and the encryption password for the virtual machine.


  1. Construct a URI for the end user.
    A URI consists of one of the following structures:

    username is the user's login name and is the host name of the server. username is optional. If username is not included in the URI, the user name text box is not prepopulated in the server connection dialog box. You must include vmware-rvm:// and :7443 in the server address. Do not include http or https in the server address.

  2. Type link text in an email and enter hyperlink information for the URI.
    You can use any email system to send the link. However, because the format of the URI is not recognized as a standard URL, you must manually enter the hyperlink information.
  3. Create an email for the user and enter some link text.
    For example: Your Horizon FLEX virtual machine
  4. Select the link text, right-click the selected text, and select Hyperlink.
  5. Select Link to: Existing File or Web Page.
  6. Enter the URI in the Address text box.
    For example: vmware-rvm://
    The link is now active.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Send the email to the user.


When the user clicks the link in the email, the user's Horizon FLEX Client starts and the server connection dialog box opens. The server and user name text boxes are prepopulated with the values that you specified in the URI. The user enters a password and connects to the server to download a virtual machine.