When you entitle a Horizon FLEX virtual machine, you add users and groups from your existing Active Directory infrastructure to the entitlement. By default, Horizon FLEX synchronizes your entire Active Directory infrastructure with the Horizon FLEX database. You can optionally configure Horizon FLEX to synchronize only a specific organization unit (OU).


Install Mirage for Horizon FLEX. See Installing and Configuring Mirage Components for the Horizon FLEX Server.


  1. Start the Horizon FLEX Admin Console.
    1. In a Web browser, enter https://WebManagerServer:port/rvm.
      • WebManagerServer is the DNS name or IP address of the host where the Mirage Web Manager is installed.
      • port is the port number with which the Horizon FLEX Admin Console can be accessed. When the Mirage Web Manager is installed, if you deploy the Horizon FLEX Admin Console and the Horizon FLEX Policy Server on different ports, port is the port number specified for the VMware Horizon FLEX Web Management option. Otherwise, port is the port number specified for the VMware Mirage Web Management option.
    2. Enter the user name and password of a domain account that has access to Mirage.
    3. Click Login.
  2. In the Horizon FLEX Admin Console, click the General System Settings icon and click Active Directory Settings.
  3. Type the OU to synchronize in the Organizational Unit text box.
    As you begin to type in the text box, the available OUs in your Active Directory infrastructure appear in a drop-down menu and you can select the appropriate OU.
  4. Click OK to save the OU setting.
    The Horizon FLEX server validates the OU to verify that it exists and is accessible.


The Horizon FLEX server synchronizes the Active Directory entities that belong only to the OU that you selected, including entities that belong to any child OUs of the selected OU.

Any time you configure a new OU, the Horizon FLEX server deletes the previously synchronized entities from the database and starts a new full synchronization process.

You can configure the policy for client virtual machines so that the power-on password matches the user's Active Directory password after first startup. See Configure a General Policy for a Horizon FLEX Image.