VMware Horizon FLEX 1.12 | 28 Sep 2017

VMware Workstation 14 Player Version 14.1.5 | 22 Nov 2018 | Build 10950780

VMware Fusion 10.1.5 | 22 Nov 2018 | Build 10950653

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What's in the Release Notes

About VMware Horizon FLEX

VMware Horizon FLEX enables companies to provision and manage local, corporate virtual desktops to workers that were previously difficult or costly to support.

For more information, see the broader VMware Horizon FLEX documentation .


Key Features

  • Flexible Deployment Options - You can provision standardized virtual desktops on PCs and Macs for your customers, contractors, or remote employees through the corporate network or on a USB drive.
  • Centralized Control - Centralized policy-based management provides a central point of entitlement and control. You can use the following controls as described:
    • Device control to allow or deny the use of peripheral devices.
    • Expiration control to set a timeframe for virtual desktops to expire.
    • Remote kill to disable virtual desktops remotely in case of theft, termination, or lack of corporate compliance.
  • Local Execution - VMware industry-leading Horizon FLEX Clients give end users access to a rich desktop experience that ensures productivity, even when users are on the road or are disconnected from the network.
  • Unified Image Management - You can manage virtual desktops as a set of logical layers that you or the end user own. Dynamic layers for desktop and application management, provided by VMware Mirage technology, enable you to update IT-managed layers while maintaining end-user files and personalization.
  • IT Cost Reductions - Enable Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) and support Macs in the enterprise without having to manage the entire Mac. This feature can reduce training needs in the following ways:
    • Enables employees to use their system of choice.
    • Expedites new employee onboarding.
    • Eliminates the cost of deploying and managing a physical laptop.

Learn more about Horizon FLEX at: http://www.vmware.com/products/horizon-flex .

What's New

  • APIs to lock/unlock restricted VM. Customers who want to tie Horizon FLEX functionality into their own portals can use our new APIs to check the restricted VM instance information and lock/unlock the restricted VM's instances on the server. The available APIs are:
    • Get User Instances
    • Lock Instance
    • Unlock Instance
    You can check FLEX KB for details of these APIs.
  • Different ports for FLEX Admin Console and FLEX Policy Server. FLEX Server installation now allows you to deploy the FLEX Admin Console and FLEX Policy Server on different ports. The administrator can now restrict network access to the FLEX Admin Console while still pushing down policy updates to end users.
  • Policy to re-encrypt a restricted VM. There is a new policy option to re-encrypt the virtual machine. When the policy is enabled, after the VM has been downloaded or registered, user will be required to re-encrypt the VM to enhance security.
  • Policy to hide the restricted password panel from the user. Horizon FLEX Administrator can hide the “Unlock restrictions” in the Fusion client, and “Unlock All Settings” button in the Player client.
  • Policy to add new disk.  Horizon FLEX administrators can allow/block end users from adding new disks to their virtual machines.
  • Enhanced user experienced
    • Entitlement name in "Available Desktops" window. In the "Available Desktops" window of FLEX client, a line of Entitlement name is now visible under the VM name.
    • Download temporary folder same as restricted VM (Player Only). The temporary folder for VM downloading is now in the same location/folder as the restrict VM. The temporary folder will be deleted automatically when the VM download is completed or canceled.
    • Improved Available Desktops window (Player Only). The Available Desktops window, which shows the list of downloadable VMs, is now resizable. Also, the look and feel of this window is enhanced.
    • Editable VM name. You can now change the display name of the VM within Library.

Guest Operating System Support Statement

Horizon FLEX supports the following operating systems to run in the virtual machine:

  • Windows 10 
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 17.04
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016

Prior Releases

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Horizon FLEX are described in the release notes for each release. To view the release notes for a prior release, click the appropriate link:

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