With vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack you can unify your multi-site vRealize Operations Manager deployment into a single pane of glass. You can instantiate a deployment of vRealize Operations Manager with the capability of receiving key metrics for specified objects from other vRealize Operations Manager deployment in your environment.

The management pack allows you to unlock the following use cases:
  • Provide a summary of performance, capacity, and configuration to Senior Executives and Virtual Infrastructure Administrators across all your vSphere environments.
  • Provide a unified view of events triggered across the virtual environments into a single pane for making it easier for NOC or Helpdesk to initiate action.
  • Ability to create a data warehouse where user selected set of metrics can be stored for data archiving and report use cases.
  • Ability to provide summarized views of health and configuration of your Software Defined data center stack. This includes core applications such as VMware vCenter Server, VMware NSX, and VMware vSAN. The solution also covers the management applications such as vRealize Operations Manager, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business, and VMware Site Recovery Manager.


The vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack follows a simple server-client architecture. This management pack is installed on the vRealize Operations Manager instance, which you have identified as your unified single pane of glass instance. It is highly recommended that this instance is only used for federation. After you deploy vRealize Operations Manager, you can use the management pack configuration page to add your existing vRealize Operations Management instances to point to this federated instance.

When configuring the management pack, enter the name of a configuration file that stores the information about the objects and metrics to be fetched from your existing vRealize Operations Manager instances into the newly deployed federated instance.

You can plan your architecture to apply the capabilities of vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack.

ACME Corp a Global Manufacturing company has virtual environments spanning across the globe to meet their regional business requirements. They are leveraging the VMware Software Defined data center to provide key IT services to line of business. They have an SDDC footprint in Singapore, London, Johannesburg, and San Jose. As a part of their Capacity Management and Performance Troubleshooting requirements they are leveraging vRealize Operations Manager to help their Operations and Procurement teams. They currently have an instance of vRealize Operations Manager deployed at each of these data center locations. ACME Corporation is looking to leverage the vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack to create a single pane of glass across all the data center locations. They want to leverage this single pane for their operations, capacity procurement, and senior executives to provide them with a unified view of their IT landscape. As their London data center has the largest footprint and low latency connectivity to other data centers, they want to host this unified instance in their London data center

Based on the mentioned requirements, ACME Corp has deployed a new instance of vRealize Operations Manager with the Federation Management pack using the following deployment architecture:

Logical Architecture of the vRealize Operations Federation Management Pack for ACME Corp.