After the installation, configure an instance for this management pack.


  1. On the menu, click Administration.
  2. In the left pane, expand Solutions and click Other Accounts.
  3. Under Other Accounts, click the ADD ACCOUNT icon.
  4. Configure the adapter instance.
    Option Description
    Display Name The name for the adapter instance.
    Description (Optional) The description of the adapter instance.
    Credential Select the credential you want to use to sign on to the environment from the drop-down menu. To add new credentials to access this management pack environment, click the plus sign.
    Provide the HTTP proxy details in the following text boxes if you want to set up this management pack adapter instance on vRealize Operations Manager with no Internet access.
    • Proxy HostName
    • Proxy Port
    • Proxy user name
    • Proxy Password
    • Proxy Domain

    The CloudHealth perspective you want import in the adapter instance. You can import up to 10 CloudHealth perspectives where each perspective is separated by a comma.

    Perspectives of CloudHealth are a way of through which you can create groups of resources and classify the charges attributed to them. Through this option, you can bring the result of applying such perspectives on different clouds into vRealize Operations Manager.

    Test Connection

    To initiate the authentication request, click TEST CONNECTION.

  5. Click Save Settings.
    The adapter instance is added to the list.

What to do next

Verify that the adapter is configured and collecting data by viewing application-related data.