The Kubernetes Overview pods and container widget provides detailed set of information of pods health status, hierarchical representation of pod relationship, metrics and so on.

Figure 1. Kubernetes Overview - Pods and Containers
Widget Name Description
Top 25 Least Healthy Pods in the Selected Cluster This widget displays the Top 5 least healthy pods in the selected cluster.
How is the Pod associated with other components This widget provides a hierarchical view of pods and its relationship with other components on a selected cluster.
How is the trend of Key Pod metrics? This widget displays the important key metrics and its usage trend.
Pick any Metric from the selected component This widget lists all the metrics and properties for a selected pod. This widget populates metrics and property of a pod when it is selected from the How is this Pod Associated with other components widget.
Metric Chart This widget provides a chart with the metric information of a metric or a property that is selected from the previous widget.