The Kubernetes overview environment widget provides an overall view of Kubernetes adapter instances, its associated objects information, alerts, and health status of objects.

Figure 1. Kubernetes Overview - Environment

Widget Name


Search for a Kubernetes Cluster

This widget displays only Kubernetes instances but not all objects types. You can retrieve the total metrics from the instances that are listed under this widget.

Summary of the Selected Cluster

This widget displays the total number of nodes, namespaces, pods, containers and services within the Kubernetes cluster.

Any Alerts on the Nodes, Namespaces, Pods or Containers

This widget displays all the immediate and critical alerts within a cluster of nodes, namespaces, pods or containers. When you select a object type from the Search for a Kubernetes Cluster widget, the corresponding alerts that are only immediate and critical gets populated.

Are the cluster members healthy?

This widget provides a hierarchical view of object relationship of a Kubernetes cluster.


The Total Objects column in the Search for a Kubernetes Cluster widget does not match with the sum of the objects in the Summary of the Selected Cluster widget. This is because the value of the total objects includes the total count of replica sets and Java container processes.