To access the Kubernetes cluster using either a proxy or a jumper, you have to perform the following actions.


  1. Add TKGI API Address <TKGI FQDN> to /etc/hosts.
    The IP and FQDN details can be found in TKGI Deployment Metadata.
  2. On Proxy/Jumper, run pks login -a <TKGI FQDN>-u admin -p <TKGI Admin User Password> -k to log in to the TKGI environment.
    TKGI FQDN and Admin credentials can be found in Deployment Metadata.
  3. Run pks get-credentials <cluster-name> to get the cluster credentials.
  4. Run kubectl config use-context <cluster-name> to start your cluster.
    You can view the active nodes and pods with the kubectl commands.
  5. To know how to run a sample container, see this link.